Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 7 - Food Sovereignty Work Shop

Food Sovereignty Program at Kalpitiya in Periyakuduerippu 16th October 2016

The workshop was conducted in 630/31 G. S zone, Periyakuduerippu, Kalpity.   There were about 45 people participated in the Work Shop. During the first phase of the WS, they discuss about the effects towards the Fisher folk  the due to the tourism project.
  • Land grabbing of the fisher folk.
  • Island grabbing in Kalpitiya.
  • Sea plane in Welleyi island.
  • Ownership of the fishing boats.
  • Lost of the coastal boarder.
  • basic facilities of the fisher folk communities.
  • Ownership of the fishing harbor.
 Suggestions made during the WS :
Committee of 7 appointed and they are Mrs.Maric, Safalla, Sanraj, Harman, Najeem.
-Explained about the community tourism for people in Kalpitiya

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