Saturday, October 22, 2016

15th Anniversary of Sri Vimukthi Women Fisher Organization

Sri Vimukthi Women Fisheries Society celebrated their 15 years today at Jubilee hall in St.Mary's Church, Negombo. The chief guests of this event were Mr. Herman Kumara, Convener (National Fisheries Solidarity Movement), Fr. Sarath Iddamalgoda and Mr. Bowie (STP). Those who addressed the members of the gathering congratulated for their journey with many challenges and difficulties as a women organization.   

Friday, October 21, 2016

Education on Food Sovereignty workshop in Hadapanagala.

A education program was conducted for youth on food sovereignty on 21st of October 2016. The program was organized by the Uva women farmers organization parallel to food sovereignty campaign of NAFSO. 
About 20 youth and and their teachers from Wellawaya vocational training center were participated to the program. 
They invited to resource person, Mr Priyankara Costa to conduct more such programs with them in future.      

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Let's defeat the neo liberal economic plans ! Let us line up for food sovereignty

There were various NGO's, Civil Organizations, District Activists, Farmers, Fishermen, People from the upland and women joined this event at Viharamahadevi open theater and discussed some concerns regarding Food Sovereignty. They are, Land Issue,Uma Oya project,North Eastern issues, Women in Food Production ,Seedlings.
Various personals spoke about above mentioned issues.The crowd walked as two teams and submitted a memorandum to Ministries of Fisheries,Agriculture and officials of the Prime Minister.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Research Report Launching on IDPs in Jaffna Peninsula

A report on issues IDPs and situation of war-affected communities in Jaffna were launched by NAFSO with the assistance of Society for Threatened People (SFP). The research was conducted to show that the war affected IDPs still exists in Sri Lanka without dignity in the vicinity of their lands acquired by the government after and during the war.     
A minister from previous government was stated to the world during a meeting in UNHCR, Geneva that, there are nor more IDPs in Sri Lanka while civil society fighting for human rights of the war affected communities living in IDP camps. 
The research revealed that there are more than 40 IDP camps exists in Jaffna peninsula along and the people in those camps living under pressure from the military apart from other social, cultural and economic issues. 
The report was submitted to the IDP community members from few camps since some of the representatives from several IDP camps not attended to the program due to "Do Not Attend" command from the military.        
Around 75 participants were participated to the program including community representatives from Gampaha, Galle and Ampara.