Friday, October 14, 2016

4 Day Food Sovereignty  programme in Nafo Tearm in Kuchaweli

Stake holder meeting on tourism and HR was held at Kuchchaweli today at Palm house hotel in Kuchcgaweli.
The members of the coordinating group of Kuchchaweli development forum together with hoteliers and CSOs, including NGO and INGOs, media persons attended the meeting today.
However, none of local politicians attended the session today....
The hoteliers who attended had attempted to green wash with boasting noise about their welfare work of supply things to hospital, school and children by them.

Sajith, a small boat operator said in the meeting that,"We need better management for Pigeon Island management system. Because various persons including polificians, military attempt to introduce new boats which is a harm to the resources on one hand damage our income. This must bring strong monitoring system."
Gafoor, the senior manager of Uga bay hotel assured to mediate to build bridge between local communities and hoteliers for a dialogue by end of January. The idea of Sri Lanka Tourism Watch for monitor HR violations and many more processes is emerging with strong emphasis now.


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